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Kaman hh-43 huskie - wikipedia, The kaman hh-43 huskie was a helicopter with intermeshing rotors used by the united states air force, the united states navy and the united states marine corps from the 1950s until the 1970s..
Sikorsky sh-3 sea king - wikipedia, The sikorsky sh-3 sea king (company designation s-61) is an american twin-engined anti-submarine warfare (asw) helicopter designed and built by sikorsky aircraft.a landmark design, it was the world's first amphibious helicopter and one of the first asw rotorcraft to use turboshaft engines..
Power--gas - wikipedia, Power-to-gas (often abbreviated p2g) is a technology that converts electrical power to a gas fuel. when using surplus power from wind generation, the concept is sometimes called windgas..

Gankutsuou: count monte cristo - wikipedia, Gankutsuou: the count of monte cristo is set in the year 5053; the two major powers are the planet earth and the alien-dominated eastern empire, who have been at war for an undetermined time..
Cheating spouse | share cheating story | read , Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost 3 years now. we have a one year old son together and things have been very shaky since since she gave birth to him..
The wooden horse - storynory, Awesome story! climax the greeks and trojans were at war for 10 years! the trojans thought the greeks had given up when they sailed away.they were happy and celebrated. not long after, the greeks had left a wooden horse as a “gift” for he trojans. the trojans had many different ideas for what to do with the horse and what it was for. they.