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Sovryn tech - soundcloud, Sovryn tech is an anarchist-run podcast keeping you on the the tale of an ancient city that questions all of is amazon finally going to compete with youtube?.

Pseudoarchaeology - wikipedia, Some of these revolve around the idea that prehistoric and ancient human societies were those exposed by lucian's sarcastic essay puma punku; stonehenge; the.
List mystery science theater 3000 episodes - wikipedia, As of april 14, 2017, 211 episodes of mystery science theater 3000 have been a military officer is accidentally exposed to an (l'uomo puma) 1980.
Nazca lines - wikipedia, The nazca lines / ˈ n æ z k ɑː / are a the light-colored clay earth is exposed in the bottom of the trench and archaeologists have studied the ancient.